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"Our experience with Allyson Carter, on a personal and professional level, was beyond compare. To say Allyson has a strong work ethic and has formulated a keen strategic attack on today's turbulent real estate market, is a massive understatement. Her work is so much more intimate and refined than that of any other realtor.

Allyson treated my wife and I like family during what was a very arduous selling period, ensuring that our personal priorities came first, and that we avoided the dangers of a fluctuating market, all the while keeping us one step ahead of current market trends. Ultimately, with Allyson's spirited guidance, we successfully sold our house. Allyson Carter is fiercely perceptive, effortlessly charming, and the very best realtor to sell any property."

To whom it may concern,

"Allyson Carter has magically reduced to a minimum the often-tense experience of selling a house and buying a new one. We were overseas when she got us several offers (following the brokers’ open!), and when the buyers’ bidding took place, at the end of which we got a price much higher than the initial listing one.

At the same time, Allyson negotiated and got us the dream home we were after. She negotiated the price down and made sure that all permits (for pool, additions, etc.) were in hand and all the necessary inspections took place. All we had to do was e-sign on the documents she sent us – all of which came with clear explanations and instructions. It should be noted that Allyson had to deal with an unusually tough seller who was extremely reluctant to let go of a home he had invested years of painstaking efforts to improve - but had to sell. It led, on Allyson’s part, to marvels of diplomacy and to superhuman patience. She managed it all like the perfect pro she is.

We are grateful to have worked with Allyson and highly recommend her!!"

"My husband and I have worked with Allyson on purchasing our first home, selling our first home, and buying our second home. Allyson is incredible.  She made our home buying and selling experiences smooth and easy.  She goes above and beyond to get what is fair and fights for clients to get what they want all the while remaining professional and kind.  She exudes patience and was available to show us homes as needed until we found the right place.  Over the course of two home purchases we must have seen 75 houses together.  Allyson doesn't rush you into a home so she can move on to the next client.  She makes sure you find the perfect or near perfect home and doesn't get frustrated in the process.  She is not only our agent but we consider her a friend.  For as long as we buy and sell our homes in Los Angeles we will always work with Allyson."

"Allyson Carter is a top notch agent. I've sold 2 homes thus far and she made the process seemless for this second go-around handling multiple offers prior to our first open house.

Her familiarity w/ the Los Angeles real estate ecosystem enabled not only a prompt and well executed sale but she also guided in the purchase of my new house in the Hollywood Hills. With multiple offers on the purchase - her rapport with the selling agent put me into my new wonderful home as the winning buyer. Thanks Allyson!!!"

Allyson did a fantastic job representing us in the sale of our property. She is knowledgeable, energetic and professional. Her advice and expertise allowed us to sell quickly and for an excellent price. We were kept well informed throughout the entire process, from preparation for sale, listing, showing/open house, sale and closing. In addition, Allyson interacted professionally and effectively with the other professionals involved in our sale, including the buyers agent, inspectors and escrow staff. We will not hesitate to retain Allyson Carter in the future and recommend her whole heartedly to anyone contemplating either a sale or a purchase."

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